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Payroll Services

Administering the payroll function can be time consuming, whether it is scheduling time, recording or keeping compliant with the changing payroll requirement. By outsourcing this function to Carjoel Financial Associates, our trusted and experiences team will ensure you are compliant with the respective regulatory authorities.

Using our cloud based payroll solution, our payroll professionals are readily available for ongoing administrative support to address any concerns. Our process of review will minimize errors and ensure compliance with CRA payroll requirements.

Comprehensive Payroll Services include:

  • Payroll system setup and maintenance

  • Payroll data entry

  • Full circle payroll processing

  • Pay as you go deductions, filings and remittance

  • Direct  deposit of net amount to employees

  • Pay advice for employees (electronic or by post)

  • Year-end T4 and T4A preparation and filing.

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